Portrait Process

How We Create a Portrait Painting

  • Once the commission is begun, the portrait process is started and the artist talks to the client to get an idea of the size and pose for the artwork.  She listens to their wishes and answers any questions, and the fees are agreed upon and the contract is arranged. She then arranges to meet and sketch and photograph the subject.
  • When portraits are to be done from the client’s own photos (as in posthumous or specific event works) the artist enjoys a personal chat with the client about the subject, their wit, wisdom and physical traits.
  • Finding her own common interest with the subject helps the artist establish that intimate “realness” she portrays in her work. In her own words:

Artist’s Notes

“Working for the most artistically pleasing angles and poses, I first edit from the source photos and create a graphite or sepia sketch of the image.  For oil portraits, these drawings, or my small color studies, are given to the client, and often become ‘Grandparent Gifts.’

Girl's portrait study in sepia

Sketch in sepia

The painting is then begun in oil (or other medium of client’s choice) on finest Belgian linen, canvas or paper or wood panel. The client is completely welcome to be in touch with the progress of the work throughout, or may choose to wait and be presented with the image once it’s done.

Either way, I confirm the client’s absolute satisfaction with the painting before considering it finished.  Delivery in person is always a pleasure, and I relish the social visit these deliveries always invoke.”  Completion time varies by complexity of subjects and background.

Ann Bailey Portrait Fees are listed here by size and medium


Bench Made Framing

All paintings are delivered in at least a standard, presentation frame, but  if the client prefers to have a custom, bench-made frame, the artist will have one built, additionally charged as listed below, by her master frame-maker in Michigan.  The artist hand-finishes these frames for each specific painting. These optional, bench-made frames, like those of Old World craftsmanship, are beautiful heirlooms themselves.

Optional, bench made, hand-finished frames are priced additionally at $100.  per linear foot.

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