What are the fees for a Portrait Painting?

Exact artwork commission fees are determined individually per client, and take many factors into account, but on the chart below you will find general prices for portrait paintings:


  • Canvas sizes and painting mediums create differences between portrait fees; larger canvases require more paint and time to cover, while oil paints, for instance, are the most valuable and involved materials to work with, and so add expense. Ann Marshall Bailey studio’s Process Page gives a breakdown of the art creating steps.
  • Adding additional subjects, or hands and feet, will also multiply the work time needed. For more specific information contact us and let us know what you are interested in.
  • NOTE that works with portrait figures painted near life-sized are called “MANOR PORTRAITS,” and subjects generally have head sizes 6-9 inches in height. They are painted in Oils with full feature details. See samples below.

  • NOTE that smaller figures, with head sizes less than 3 inches in height, are for paintings called “METRO PORTRAITS”popular for tighter spaces.  They are painted with exquisite care and, having slightly less feature details, are completed relatively faster. They are offered in oil as well as other mediums.

MANOR size  – Oil on linen –  CORPORATE or ADULT

  • $ 5,000 for  head and shoulders
  • $ 7,000 for 3/4 with hands
  • $ 12,000 for  full length

MANOR size  – Oil on linen – CHILD or TEEN

  • $ 1,600 for Head Only
  • $ 3,500 for  head and shoulders
  • $ 5,100 for  3/4, with hands
  • $ 7,000 for  full length

METRO *limited size ADULT

  • $ 1200 for Oil on linen (includes the graphite pre-sketch)
  • $ 900 for Soft Pastel or Watercolor on paper
  • $ 600 for Graphite or Sepia on paper

METRO *limited size CHILD or TEEN

  • $ 900 for  Oil on linen (includes graphite pre-sketch)
  • $ 800 for Soft Pastel or Watercolor on paper
  • $ 400 for Graphite or Sepia on paper


Elvis T.

“Elvis” 11×14


  • $500 – 2500, depending on canvas size. Animal art paintings are also available at annbaileystudio.com

For All Sizes:

Additional figures in painting are additional 50% per figure

 Standard, Presentation Frames are included in above prices.

Expenses of travel, if warranted, are additional.

Additional paintings for same client are reduced by 25%.

A 35% deposit is required to initiate a commission, with balance due when  portrait is accepted.

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