Portrait Paintings in Decor

Painting of beautiful girl in gown

Spotting the Trends for Portraits in Decor One of the easiest ways to decide what’s popular this year – or any year – is to check the pulse of the fashion industry. Pantone would have to be my first stop then, as color is, in my oil painting world, the first order of reality check. And Pantone is preaching the … Continue reading

Liking Painted Portraits

oil sketch blonde blue eyes

What’s to love in a painting of a face? To understand what you admire in a particular portrait, you often need to examine what it was the painter had in mind to begin with. Remember seeing for the first time that “ugly,” hairy Postman in Van Gogh’s painted portraits?  And then, after learning all about the struggles and gains the … Continue reading

What’s the Perfect Size for My Painting?

Formal Child Painting

As we’ve all seen, there is a measurable sense of comfort needed in each room in a home by all household occupants – even the family cat and dog seem to favor certain spots to claim as their own … spots that have a magic for them. Isn’t it understandable that the “favorite spots” for all of us are the … Continue reading