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Fine art portraits establish Family and Corporate art collection value.  


Atlanta portrait paintings 3 cousins sitting together on bench

Ann Bailey’s Atlanta portrait paintings in oil on finest linen canvas glow with a life of their own. They are highest quality materials and therefore will last for generations. Yours will give you that precious moment, that sparkle, that smile that you’ve cherished, as close and comforting as you want.

The precious value of a portrait painting is in the admiration and respect it shows the subject, as well as in the wonderful feelings it provides to you the viewer… long after the actual moment in the painting is gone.

Commission Oil Portraits on Linen

There is luster and durability in linen canvases – Bailey’s choice for portrait paintings. They are the choice of professional portrait artists and have been for centuries.

The Winsor and Newton company, maker of professional art supplies, relates that “Linen retains its natural oils, which helps to preserve the fibre’s flexibility and stops the canvas from going brittle. It is also regarded as having a more ‘natural’ weaved finish than cotton…but it is expensive. It is made from the fibers of the flax plant and top quality flax is harvested mainly in Western Europe. If you want your painting to last then a linen canvas is a sound investment.”

Family Painting and Corporate Paintings – What’s Right for You?

Bailey works from live portrait sittings or photo reference. Visit Steps of the art creation page for details, sample paintings and Bailey’s commission process.


Child portrait

  • Children’s portraits spread enjoyment from a parent or grandparent, and delight the whole family unit. In addition to that, in a happy way, the child in the commissioned portrait gains a deeper sense of happiness too. They now see a profound sense of belonging and honor and because of that they joyfully react to their portraits, exclaiming something like “It’s a paint – of me!”

Family portrait

Business portrait

  •   Business portrait paintings are ultimate applause and commemoration for a big career moment. They state unique, deserved, and often expected homage.


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Pet portraits

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