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 Commissioned Oil Portraits on Linen

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Atlanta portrait paintings example of Debutante in Purple Gown

The value in commemorative portraits by Ann Marshall Bailey is in both the admiration and respect they represent for the subjects as well as the wonderful feelings they provide to the viewer… long after the actual moment in the painting has passed.

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  • Family and corporate art collections have always included fine art portrait paintings. 
  • These oil portrait paintings on finest linen canvas glow with a life of their own and last for generations. Yours will let you keep that precious moment, that sparkle, that smile that you’ve cherished as close and comforting as you want.


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  • Local artist Ann Marshall Bailey works from live portrait sittings or photo reference.


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  • A child’s portrait.  Children’s portraits are something that go even deeper than the enjoyment a parent or grandparent may feel. In a happy way, the child whose portrait is commissioned and displayed immediately gains a profound sense of belonging and being honored within the grand family unit. “It’s a paint of me!” is the joy you will hear.
  • A family member portrait.  Portrait paintings of family members or groups are the most honored display of attention available. All milestones deserve commemorating, whether they are an age or activity achievement, graduation, wedding, career point or retirement. A portrait at this time gives the moment a grand place in the family history.
  • A corporate portrait.  Corporate portraits are the ultimate way to applaud and remember a big moment in a career. These statements are almost required when unique homage is valid and expected.



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